Funding for Events and Conferences

Cultural, Educational & Social Events and Programs

The Office of Graduate Student Life has partnered with the Graduate Student Government to support the activities of students and student organizations through the GSG Events Board. More information about funding can be found on the Events Board website.

Scholarly Symposia, Seminar Series and Workshops

The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School periodically solicits proposals from graduate students for funding to support scholarly symposia, seminar series and workshops. The intent is to encourage events that enrich the intellectual lives of graduate students by complementing the normal offerings of departments and programs. These proceedings might involve graduate students as speakers, moderators and/or organizers. For information, email Christine Murphy.


Submissions must be made online via the SAFE portal. The funding opportunity can be found under group funding and will require a group netID and password to apply.  Student groups interested in applying for funding should work with their graduate administrator to secure a netID.  

To be considered for funding, applications must contain the following.

  1. A description of the activity and speakers
  2. An explanation of the role of graduate students in the proposed activity
  3. A general idea of the program’s budget
  4. An indication of other sources of support, both those received and pending
  5. The amount of funding requested of the Graduate School

Funding for certain events and activities may also be available through some academic departments, University offices and other sources such as: the Graduate Student GovernmentGraduate College House Committee, and Davis International Center.