Assistance Programs

This section contains useful information regarding assistance programs at Princeton. 

Funding for Events & Conferences

Students may also be eligible for funding to organize scholarly symposia, events, and conferences.

Ford Foundation Engineering Loan Program

Students in the sciences and engineering fields who intend to pursue teaching careers may also be eligible for up to $3,000 under the Ford Foundation Engineering Loan Program.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Program

Special funds exist to assist enrolled graduate students with unreimbursed medical expenses that create a financial hardship for them. Medical expense assistance takes the form of a grant to reimburse expenses not covered by insurance; therefore, you must first submit insurance claims and determine your out-of-pocket expenses before you can apply for reimbursement through these funds.

Short-Term Contingency Loan Program

Short-term contingency loans are designed to assist students in coping with unexpected financial emergencies.

Graduate Child Assistance Program

The Graduate Child Assistance Program (GCAP) provides financial assistance to eligible graduate students with children. Total award amounts and eligibility rules are determined by the Graduate School. The program operates on a reimbursement basis; awardees are reimbursed for eligible expenses after they are incurred. Eligible expenses include child care, housing, and dependent health premiums.

Student Computer Initiative (SCI)

Student Computer Initiative is a program that offers laptop computers that are specially configured for academic use at Princeton University, specially priced for Princeton students, and supported by Princeton University Office of Information Technology staff.