Funding for In Absentia Students

Students who need to use the educational resources outside of Princeton University and will not be in residence may apply for in absentia status.  In absentia status may be granted for up to two years (or four semesters) for a student who has successfully completed the general examination requirement and is making satisfactory progress toward the degree. Students who are enrolled in absentia are charged a marginal tuition cost that includes a fee for the mandatory student health plan. This tuition and fees cost may be covered for students on University fellowship. Continued financial support is determined by the adviser(s) and the department.  See Tuition and Costs.

Students considering applying for in absentia status are encouraged to discuss funding with their adviser and/or DGS, as continued financial support is determined by the student’s adviser and the department, in consultation with the Graduate School.  In absentia students are also encouraged to seek financial aid outside the University for the time spent in absentia.