Assistantships are appointments in which graduate students receive tuition and stipend, paid as salary, for either research or teaching.

Assistantship in Research (AR)

An AR is an appointment granted by a department in which a graduate student receives a stipend and a tuition contribution for research.

Assistantship in Instruction (AI)

An AI is an appointment in which a fully funded graduate student receives a stipend and a tuition contribution for teaching. AIs may be involved in some combination of classroom teaching, laboratory supervision, and grading in undergraduate courses.

Centennial Fellowship

A Centennial Fellowship is a fellowship awarded at the time of admission that provides a premium over the base stipend level for all years of regular enrollment.  Recipients in the Humanities and Social Sciences receive a premium to the University Fellowship stipend as well as full tuition in all years of regular enrollment, payable over 12 months.  Recipients in the Natural Sciences or Engineering divisions receive full tuition in their first year of enrollment and a premium to their base stipend for all years of their regular enrollment, payable over 10 months.

DCE and In Absentia Tuition

Ph.D. students who are in DCE status and/or in absentia status pay a marginal-cost tuition rate that includes the mandatory Student Health Plan fee.

Departmental Fellowships

Fellowships awarded by departments, using departmental resources at the discretion of the department.

External Fellowships

External fellowships are fellowships for which the sponsor selects the student from a national or international competition. The funds are either directly paid to the student or paid to the University to be administered.  These awards come in all forms and amounts, for single or multiple years of enrollment, and typically include tuition and/or components. Restrictions vary from fellowship to fellowship.


A fellowship is an award of financial aid to a student to pursue graduate study without associated teaching or research responsibilities. No service is expected in return for a fellowship. Fellowships provide a stipend and/or tuition support and may be awarded from either internal or external sources. Fellowships are awarded to assist the student in pursuit of a degree and are generally awarded on a merit basis.  

First Year Fellowship

A First Year Fellowship is a fellowship awarded to new students in the Natural Sciences and Engineering departments. A First Year Fellowship includes full tuition (including the Student Health Plan fee) and a stipend for a 10-month period beginning in August.

Honorific Fellowships

Honorific Fellowships are endowed fellowships that provide funding to returning students displaying the highest scholarly excellence in graduate work during the year.  Students must be nominated by their department to be considered for an Honorific Fellowship.  These fellowships provide full tuition support and a higher level stipend.

President’s Fellowship

A President’s Fellowship is a fellowship awarded at the time of admission that pays a $3,000 up-front award in August for years 1 and 2 of a student’s enrollment.

Awards and Supplements

Awards and supplements are additional sources of financial support received by a student. Depending on their nature and source, these funds may be paid over a 10 or 12 month period, or in a lump sum.  These awards may be provided by the Graduate School, departments, or specific programs.

Program Fellowships

Fellowships awarded by University programs and centers, such as the Program for Latin American Studies, Hellenic Studies, and the Center for Human Values.

Regular Tuition

The tuition rate for an academic year is the same for all regularly enrolled graduate students, including both Ph.D. and Master’s candidates, and includes the required Student Health Plan (SHP) fee.


Most financial support includes a cost of living component referred to as a stipend, which is intended to support the estimated annual living expenses of a single graduate student.


For Assistantships in Research and Assistantships in Instruction, the annual stipend component is provided to students as a salary and is subject to federal and tax withholding.

Tuition Sharing

For certain eligible external fellowships where the sponsor does not provide full tuition support, the Graduate School provides the remainder of the tuition as “Tuition Sharing.”

University Fellowship

A University Fellowship is a fellowship awarded to new and continuing students in the Humanities and Social Sciences departments.  A University Fellowship provides full tuition (including the Student Health Plan fee) and a stipend for a 12-month period beginning in August.

Wu and Upton Fellowship

Wu and Upton Fellowships are fellowships awarded to applicants in the Engineering departments at the time of admission that pay a $5,000 premium (beginning in 2014/15) above the base stipend for all years of regular enrollment, as well as a $3,000 up-front award in August of the student’s first year.