Summer Language Program

The Graduate School will sponsor intensive courses in selected foreign languages during the summer of 2020. The courses provide a general introduction to language and assist graduate students in acquiring a reading proficiency normally adequate to satisfy departmental language requirements. This means that the student will come away with a basic knowledge of the language and the skills to read it. Certification of successful completion of the course(s) will be provided by the Graduate School.

Classes will meet five days a week from 10 a.m. to noon during the six-week periods of June 3 - July 14 and July 15 - August 25. Courses in both sessions are taught at the same academic level. There must be a minimum of 15 students enrolled in order for a class to be held. Enrollment will be limited to 18 students per class. In light of COVID-19, all courses will be held remotely.

Priority enrollment goes first to Princeton graduate students, followed by Princeton Theological Seminary graduate students, and then all others. Please keep in mind that these are intensive courses and have a high workload. Be prepared to minimize conflicts that may interfere with attendance during the six-week period.

Registration will begin in February 2020.  The registration deadline for all students is Thursday, April 16.

Princeton Theological Seminary students must submit a release form with their registration and deposit.


The deadline for the 2020 Summer Language Program is Thursday, April 16.

Courses Offered

Assuming sufficient demand, two classes each of French and German, and one class of Latin (June 3 - July 14) will be offered. In light of COVID-19, all courses will be held remotely.


Tuition for the 2020 Summer Language Program is $525.00 per course. Applicants should complete the registration form and submit their tuition payment via credit card no later than Monday, April 20. Confirmation of your enrollment and course dates will be emailed to you in the beginning of May. Enrollment cannot be confirmed until full tuition has been received.

If a course section has been either filled or cancelled, applicants will be notified and their fees refunded. If a student withdraws from a course before the course begins, they may receive a partial refund of $225. No refunds will be available if a student withdraws from a course after the course begins.

Housing and Other Information

Summer housing is available for enrolled Princeton University students only and should be arranged by the student directly with the Housing Department, New South Building - Floor 5, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544; 609-258-3720. New incoming students in the first session cannot expect to be housed in University housing before July 1. 

New incoming students who participate in the program will be eligible for a student I.D. card on or after July 1. The Student Health Plan (SHP) fee must be paid either by the department or the student in order to receive a student I.D. card. The SHP fee amount for 2020 has not yet been determined. (This fee is subject to change.)

For further information, please contact Alyssa Pienciak at 609-258-3168 or