Visiting Student Research Collaborators

The Graduate School participates in several partnerships to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with a professor on research.

Depending on the program, these arrangements may span as little as one or as many as 12 months, and enable domestic and global students to accelerate their research in partnership with Princeton faculty members. While VSRCs may be approved to come from any institution that enrolls graduate students, we also have specific agreements with particular institutions, as shown below.


Visiting Student Research Collaborators (VSRC)

 Pursue collaborative opportunities between Princeton faculty and advanced degree candidates at other institutions.

École Normale Supérieure Paris (ENS) Exchange

Review research opportunities for E.N.S. students in the biological, mathematical, physical, or social sciences.

Freie Universität Berlin

Learn about this nomination-based program that is part of the Berlin Consortium for German Studies.

Degree Program and Faculty Roles

Only regular faculty members who are approved on a continuing basis to serve in official advising roles for Princeton graduate students are permitted to serve as VSRC faculty sponsors. (Post-docs, visiting faculty, emeriti/ae faculty, associate research scholars and professional specialists are not permitted to sponsor VSRCs.) All VSRC appointments must be approved by the sponsoring department or program and the Graduate School.