Nondegree Programs

The Graduate School welcomes a variety of nondegree students to come to Princeton and take courses, collaborate with members of the Princeton faculty, and conduct advanced research using Princeton libraries and research laboratories.

Applicants should be able to communicate in English, however, no English language proficiency exam is required. Please see our categories of nondegree students for information on the benefits and limitations of each status. For application requirements, please visit the specific nondegree applicant type below.

Visiting Student Research Collaborators

Explore graduate research collaboration opportunities for students from academic institutions beyond Princeton.

Trailing Nondegree Students

Review the application process for advanced degree candidates from other institutions who follow their adviser to Princeton.

Exchange Students

Learn about approved exchange programs with institutions around the world.

Visiting Students

View select partnerships that allow outside students to study at Princeton.

Qualifying Nondegree Students

Understand the approach to enrollment and coursework as a qualifying student at Princeton.

Visit the Academics section for information on programming for cross-registered students. For information about the The Program in Continuing Education, which admits qualified area residents and members of the University community to regularly scheduled undergraduate and graduate courses, visit the Office of Continuing Education.

Application Deadlines

Intended Start Date Application Opens Application Deadline
January 1 (Start of spring term) July 1 September 30
February 1 August 1

November 30 (Extended)

March 1 September 1 November 30
April 1 October 1 December 31
May 1 November 1 January 31
June 1 December 1 February 28 (or 29)
July 1 January 1 March 31
August 1 (Start of fall term) February 1 April 30
September 1 March 1 May 31
October 1 April 1 June 30
November 1 May 1 July 31
December 1 June 1 August 31

Financial Support

Visit the Financial Support section for more information about Student Fees & Benefits, visa support for international students, and more.

The University GDPR Privacy Notice is available on the University Registrar’s site. Nondegree application inquiries should be sent to [email protected].