Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE)

Enrolled Ph.D. students who have not completed their degree within their department's normal program period (either four or five years, as specified by the department and the Graduate School) have the opportunity to be enrolled for up to two additional years in Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE) status.

For more information about the policies, requirements, and status change procedure, related to DCE status, please see the DCE Handbook 2020-2021

DCE status ends:

  • When a student completes and successfully defends the dissertation;
  • When a student chooses not to reapply for reenrollment;
  • When the two-year limit of DCE eligibility has expired;
  • When a student does not maintain continuous enrollment or does not make degree progress.

For information on tuition and fees support for graduate students who are enrolled in DCE status, please see Financial Support for Students in DCE status.  Students who plan to hold an AI while in DCE status should review  DCE status and  Assistantship in Instruction, (A1) appointment

For questions related to DCE status, please submit the intent to change enrollment status form.