In Absentia

Enrolled students who need to use educational resources outside of Princeton University and who will not be in residence for more than half the semester should apply for in absentia status.

In absentia status can be granted for up to two years for a student who has completed the general examination requirement and is making satisfactory progress toward their degree.  In extraordinary cases where dissertation research requires more than two years outside of Princeton, exceptions to the two-year cap may be possible. A semester spent in absentia is calculated as part of a student's total allowed enrollment.

To be considered for in absentia status, the following conditions must be met:

  • there must be a demonstrated need to use educational resources that cannot be obtained at Princeton University;
  • the work away from Princeton will directly contribute to the student's progress to the degree; and
  • the student is unable to live in Princeton or the vicinity and maintain a regular presence on campus.

Students enrolled in absentia are still considered enrolled students and most University benefits, including remote access to certain Princeton University resources and faclities and to the student health plan, are continued.  Students enrolled in absentia are not eligible to be appointed as assistants in instruction, to enroll in courses conducted on campus, or to be in University housing. They may, however, continue to hold University housing contracts if they will be in absentia status for only one semester and will be in regular enrollment, in residence, for the other semester within an academic year. 

A marginal tuition cost that includes a fee for the mandatory student health plan fee is charged for in absentia status.  More information about in absentia tuition and fees can be found on our Tuition Cost while in In Absentia Status page.

Students who are in absentia are still required to complete academic year sign-in and fully participate in reenrollment.

In Absentia Status Change Procedure

  • Discuss in absentia eligibility and funding with your adviser and/or DGS.
  • Submit an in absentia request via the online status system accessed through TigerHub.
  • Register your travel plans, whether domestic or international, in Enroll My Trip. The Travel Toolkit site also provides valuable information and links to other travel resources that will be useful to you. For more information, please review the information on travel registration.