The University of Tokyo "U. Tokyo"

The study exchange will normally allow up to four graduate students from each institution to enroll in courses at the partner institution for one semester, or two graduate students from each institution to study at the partner campus for one academic year, under the general supervision of a member or members of faculty of the hosting department. The exchange will initially be limited to Princeton students joining the graduate-level U. Tokyo courses taught in English or those who can meet U. Tokyo’s standard Japanese language requirements for those programs where instruction is in Japanese, and to U. Tokyo students who can meet Princeton’s English language requirements for international graduate students in any discipline.

At Princeton, U. Tokyo students will be registered as Visiting Exchange Students, with access to all the same facilities as a full-time enrolled graduate student. Likewise, at U. Tokyo, Princeton students will be registered as Special Auditors or Special Research Students and enjoy access to all the same facilities as regularly enrolled graduate students.

There will be no tuition or fee exchange under this agreement. Princeton students remain on their regular University support and U. Tokyo students do not receive funding from Princeton. Students may apply for campus housing but it cannot be guaranteed.

Students must be nominated by their home institution by mid-February for the following fall semester and by mid-September for the spring semester and complete applications with all supporting documents must be received by Princeton’s Graduate School no less than three months prior to the intended start date. 

Nominees must complete the nondegree application, include a clear plan of proposed study and identify a primary adviser with whom they will work while visiting. The host adviser must indicate consent to advise the student while at U. Tokyo or Princeton. Admission is contingent upon final approval by the host institution.