Princeton-Rutgers Exchange Program

Registration for the Fall Term 2021 opens August 2nd. Please note that all classes will be taught in-person and hybrid options with remote teaching will not be available. Students who wish to take classes at Princeton must be fully vaccinated in order to be approved to participate. Princeton graduate students who wish to take classes at Rutgers, must abide by the host institution COVID-19 health protocols.

Princeton and Rutgers-New Brunswick have been operating an informal exchange program since 1964. It is operated through Princeton University's Graduate School - Academic Affairs and Office of the Registrar, along with Rutgers University-New Brunswick. The program is informal to the extent that formal registration as an enrolled graduate student at the host institution is unnecessary. The exchange form is used to accomplish registration at each institution. The objective of the program is to make courses available to graduate Ph.D. and master's students that are not available at their home institution. To be eligible to take a course at the other institution, a graduate student must be matriculated in a Ph.D. or master's program, must have his/her adviser, graduate program director, or departmental chairperson countersign his/her request with the Dean of the Graduate School indicating that the course is necessary for the student's program and is not available at his/her home institution.

No tuition or fees are exchanged. Grades will be reported through an official transcript from the host institution, and the course will be reported on the student's Princeton transcript. Please note that students must abide by the host institution's grading policies.

Registration is limited to one or two graduate courses per semester; undergraduate courses may not be taken under this program. Please note that graduate level courses are indicated by a course number of 500 or above.

The deadline for registering for courses in the Fall Term is September 21. The deadline for the Spring Term is February 12.

  1. The Princeton student obtains the Exchange Form online at the link below. The Rutgers-New Brunswick students must register via a Course Request Card or Change of Registration Form for Princeton Exchange, (__):001:816, normally for three credits. (Refer to the Schedule of Classes for the Registration Index number for your school.) Only Rutgers students enrolled in schools that have Princeton Exchange in their Schedule of Classes, may participate in the Exchange Program. Students who fail to register for Princeton Exchange cannot receive credit under this program.
  2. The student obtains the necessary departmental and graduate school endorsements and indicates the course number, name of course, and term on the form.
  3. The student then contacts the instructor of the course so the instructor can determine if the student is qualified to take the course and if there is room in the course.
  4. After the instructor has given permission by signing the form, the original is submitted to the Rutgers Registrar (for Princeton students) and a copy is submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, 111 Clio Hall (for Rutgers students).
  5. At the end of the semester, a final transcript will be sent to the student's Home University.