Meet Our International Exchange Students

Image of Anna Almosova.
Anna Almosova

Anna is a visiting PhD Student from Humboldt University of Berlin. She will spend the 2018-19 academic year at the Department of Economics under the Princeton-Humboldt Exchange Program. Her research interests include macroeconomics, Bayesian econometrics and machine learning. During her stay at Princeton, Anna intends to complete her job market paper which studies asymmetric behavior of the central banks in the context of a nonlinear general equilibrium model. She plans to go on the academic job market in 2020.

Anna is very much excited about experiencing academic life in Princeton, joining the Princeton Tango Club and traveling around the east coast in her spare time. 

Image of Friedrich Asschenfeldt.
Friedrich Asschenfeldt

Friedrich is an exchange student at Princeton through the DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service fellowship from LMU - University of Munich, where is currently pursuing a Master's degree in History. He mainly studies the economic history of the Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellites. At Princeton, he seeks to deepen his understanding of Soviet history while engaging with the wide array of other fields offered by the Department of History. In particular, he will use the opportunity to explore the paradoxes and challenges of political modernity in Africa and the Middle East, where the Soviet Union often served as a model. Over the year, Friedrich will also work on his master thesis, which will deal with the History of grain in Stalin's Soviet Union.

After past experiences at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and Central European University in Budapest, Friedrich is excited to immerse himself in yet another academic culture. Beyond that, spending a year in the United States also means coming to an academic community that has shaped the historiography of the Soviet Union unlike any other. Friedrich also has a keen interest in the current affairs of post-socialist countries, having previously organized a study trip to post-revolutionary Armenia in May 2018. 

Image of Samuel Barnett.
Samuel Barnett
Computer Science

Sam is visiting Princeton as a Daniel M. Sachs Scholar, working closely with the Laboratory for Intelligent Probabilistic Systems in the Department of Computer Science. He recently completed a Master's of Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where in his final year he pursued projects in the mathematical foundations of generative adversarial modelling, and in decision theory for artificially intelligent systems.

During his time at Princeton, Sam will pursue the question of how an AI can learn a value system that aligns with that of a human, though that a human is unable to specify to the AI. He intends to supplement studies in Computer Science with courses in Economics and Neuroscience, with the hope that insights drawn from the study of human behaviour will provide a crucial step towards understanding how safe, human-compatible AI may be built.

In his spare time, he enjoys gymnastics rings and jazz guitar.

Image of Octave Boczkowski.
Octave Boczkowski
French and Italian

A Procter fellow hailing from Parisian ENS, Octave is attached to the Department of French and Italian, where he hopes to deepen his understanding of nature writing under Professor Blix’s guidance. Jacques Delille, the foremost descriptive poet of eighteenth century France, will be the key figure of his doctoral research. He intends, among other things, to assess Delille’s debt to Vanière and Rapin, French poets who skilfully wove depictions of rural matters in Latin hexameters. At the ENS, Octave studied Latin, Greek and French literatures, earned a master’s degree, and went on to pass the Agrégation de lettres classiques. This is his second year at an American university, and he looks forward to making the most out of such a dazzling experience.

Image of Marcello Calogero.
Marcello Calogero
Art and Archeology

Marcello is a Visiting Exchange Student in the Department of Art and Archeology. He studied history of art at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) and the University of Pisa, where he received his B.A. and M.A. He is currently a PhD candidate at the SNS. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on the relationship between different sculpting materials and their perception in sixteenth-century Italy: within this framework he is investigating the life and works of Alfonso Lombardi (1497 ca. - 1537), a sculptor working in Bologna, Mantua and Rome and strongly influenced by Raphael. His research interests also include Renaissance medals and the history of collections in early modern Veneto.

Image of Hedwig Lieback.
Hedwig Lieback

Hedwig is a visiting graduate students in the Department of Politics, attending Princeton on a fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). She graduated with a BA in American Studies from Universität Leipzig. As an undergraduate, she spent her junior year at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on Border Studies and the connections of Race and Law in the United States.

Currently, Hedwig is pursuing an M.A. in American Studies, focusing on cultural and political theory. At Princeton, she intends to deepen her understanding of the foundational theories of democracy, social justice, participatory politics and the branding of oppositional politics as ‘resistance.’

When she is not in the library, she enjoys taking long walks, reading fiction, going to the theater, and spending as much time as possible with interesting and kind people.

Nobody can tell what the future holds but as of now, she would like to pursue a PhD at the intersection of political and cultural theory with a regional focus on the United States.

Image of Shoho Miura.
Shoho Miura
Computer Science

Shoho is currently pursuing a master's degree at the University of Tokyo in Japan, and he is visiting the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University through the University of Tokyo Exchange Program. His research interest is in the application of data science and artificial intelligence. He intends to apply those technologies in society and make some new services.

Shoho's bio is available at

Image of Elisabeth Winter.
Elisabeth Winter
Woodrow Wilson School

Elisabeth is a visiting Ph.D. student from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. At Princeton, she is joining the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

After receiving a B.A. in International Socio-Economics, Elisabeth graduated with an M.A. in North American Studies specializing in U.S. foreign policy and economics. Currently, Elisabeth is pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies, a joint program by Freie Universität Berlin, Hertie School of Governance, and WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Interested in modern geoeconomics, she researches the trade-security nexus of the 21st century. In particular, Elisabeth studies how U.S. and Chinese free trade agreements are used as foreign policy instruments. Her broader research interests include transatlantic relations, great power politics, and international institutions.