Freie Universitaet Berlin

As part of the Berlin Consortium for German Studies, Princeton agrees to admit one graduate-level student from Freie Universitaet BerlinĀ each year, subject to review and approval by the appropriate academic department or program. The typical student would be at the level of a first-year graduate student in the U.S. Freie Universitaet will hold the status of VSRC while here.

The Freie Universitaet Berlin sends the nomination of a candidate to Princeton. The Freie Universitaet Berlin nominee must submit an application.

Princeton University will be responsible for paying the student's tuition. The Berlin Consortium will contribute a stipend for the student's room and board.

If a currently enrolled Princeton University graduate student is doing research in Berlin for part of the academic year, it may beĀ possible to arrange an affiliation with the Freie Universitaet Berlin through the The Graduate School - Academic Affairs.