Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po)

This exchange allows one student enrolled in a Ph.D. program from each university to study at the other university for one academic year. During that period, the visiting Ph.D. student will:

  • Receive a stipend from the host university and will not be required to pay tuition;
  • Have all of the rights and privileges of a full-time enrolled graduate student but are not permitted to teach; and
  • Have all of the obligations of a full-time enrolled graduate student, including participation in all required orientation programs.

Application Requirements

No later than March 1 of each year, each university will nominate a student to participate in the exchange. Nominees must present a clear and detailed plan of study and must identify a primary adviser to whom he or she will report while a visiting student. Admission to Sciences Po is contingent upon final approval by the "Ecole doctorale."

Princeton students interested in this program should contact Elaine Willey for details.