Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC)

Princeton graduate students who wish to participate at a host institution must abide by the host institution health protocols.


The Graduate School joined this consortium beginning in the academic year 2002-03. The members include: Columbia University, Teachers College-Columbia, City University of New York-Graduate Center, Fordham University, the New School for Social Research, New York University, Rutgers-New Brunswick, and Stony Brook University. 

The consortium exists to facilitate doctoral arts and science students taking needed coursework at one or several of the other institutions. It is for graduate course-taking only, indicated by a course number of 500 or above. It does not arrange or sanction dissertation research and/or faculty consultation at member institutions. Please note: Students who wish to take one course only at Columbia University, should go through the IUDC exchange, not the Exchange Scholar Program. Students must have completed one academic year of full-time residence in a Ph.D. program.

No tuition or fees are exchanged. Grades will be reported through an official transcript from the host institution, and the course will be reported on the student's Princeton transcript. Please note that students must abide by the host institution's grading policies. Students may not audit courses through the IUDC exchange program. 

Students who want to participate are urged to make contact, either themselves or through their advisers, with the instructor of the course they want to take before starting the formal application process. For further questions, please contact the consortium office of either the home or host school as applicable.


We will be accepting IUDC registration for Fall 2024 starting July 8, 2024.

The 2024-25 deadlines for registration at Princeton are September 10 for the fall term and February 5 for the spring term.

Instructions for Princeton University Students

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