Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris (ENS)

Since 1973, a reciprocal exchange of graduate students has existed between the two institutions.

Each year two visiting students are admitted to Princeton from E.N.S.-Paris. Reciprocally, the Department of French and Italian at Princeton may nominate up to two of its graduate students, normally post-generals, to be exchange students for one academic year at E.N.S. The students have “full affiliation” status, which confers the benefits of lodging at E.N.S., borrowing privileges at their library, and a lunch plan at a student subsidized rate. Should the department be able to name only one or no students for the exchange, then and only then, would eligible students from other departments be considered for full affiliation.

Graduate students from other departments who plan to be in Paris for dissertation research may be considered by the Graduate School for recommendation to E.N.S. for “partial affiliation”. Such students would not be eligible for lodging but would be offered the other privileges of affiliation with E.N.S. In any given year, no more than six students (Princeton or E.N.S.) can hold a partial affiliation through this exchange.

Application Requirements

Princeton students interested in this program should contact Elaine Willey for details.