Learning, Teaching & Research Support

The Graduate School encourages students to take advantage of a full array of support services designed to ensure timely progress and academic success throughout their program length. Academic departments and faculty advisers are the first point of contact for information and support. Together with the deans and administrators in the Graduate School, they will answer questions about academic policies and procedures, resolve problems, and advise on specialized services. Two kinds of academic support programs are available: those run by the Graduate School - Academic Affairs; and those run by our campus partners.

Academic Affairs administers support programs geared toward assisting graduate students gain skills needed to complete their degrees in a timely manner. These programs enable graduate students to complete academic milestones, become more informed about status changes and degree requirements through our academic programming, and develop competitive proposals for external fellowships including the Fulbright-IIE, Fulbright-Hays, and DAAD through participation in workshops.

Learning Support

 Engage coursework with resources that promote success, from language study to writing tools for students at all levels.

Teaching Support

Enter the classroom prepared to create engaging opportunities for your students with training and support at all levels.

Research Support

Engage your research topic with purpose and make your mark in the field with results-oriented training and guidance.