Opportunities, Resources & Support

The Graduate School and our campus partners provide support programs to help students throughout their graduate careers. Students are encouraged to utilize these services during the length of their program to improve and diversify their skills, discover new interests and passions, and stay on track to obtain their degrees in a timely fashion.

Partnerships, Exchanges & Cross-Registration

Explore opportunities to study internationally or at an Ivy-Plus peer institution, or to take courses at regional institutions.

External Opportunities

Gain experience in a professional or research setting that will positively impact your degree progress or professional development.

Learning, Teaching & Research Support

Take advantage of support services throughout your program length that ensure timely progress and academic success.

Time Off

Review your options when it comes to taking leave, vacation time, and childbirth / adoption accommodations.

Advising & Mentoring

Foster a rewarding and stimulating advising and mentoring relationship with resources for faculty and doctoral students.

Academic Grievance Process

Understand the standards that guide life at Princeton, along with procedures related to grievances and misconduct.