External Opportunities

Occasionally, graduate students will be presented an opportunity to gain experience in a professional or research setting that will positively impact their degree progress and or professional development.  These external opportunities may include internships at corporations, positions at national labs or research institutes, and other research assistantships conducted away from Princeton.  

Internships and other external opportunities mainly occur during the summer.  When an external opportunity aligns with degree progress and is vital to the completion of the dissertation, a student may be approved for a full-time opportunity during the academic year as well.  Graduate students who accept external opportunities must adhere to the Graduate Student Employment Policy while participating in the external opportunity.  International students also must comply with all rules on the Davis International Center’s employment page or risk violating their visa immigration status.

All External Opportunity applications must be approved by the graduate student’s adviser or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) before being forwarded to the Graduate School for final review and approval.  Graduate students are expected to discuss opportunities with the adviser and/or DGS prior to accepting a position.  Graduate students are also required to submit a copy of the offer letter at the time of application.

Ph.D. and Master's students with opportunities that meet the following criteria must submit an External Opportunity application through TigerHub

  • The funding for the opportunity comes from an outside entity, such as a corporation, research institute, or other academic institution.
  • The external opportunity is directly related to a graduate student’s field of study and/or tied to degree progress.
  • The external opportunity will not inhibit progress toward degree.

International graduate students requiring work authorization are also required to submit an External Opportunity application.  International students are encouraged to speak with the Davis International Center prior to submitting their External Opportunity application.

Please note: Applications typically take two weeks to review once they are received from the department.