Enrollment Statuses


Enrollment status defines a student’s relationship to the Graduate School. By receiving a University identification card and/or completing academic year sign-in, degree-seeking graduate students have registered as enrolled and will from that point forward hold an enrollment status with the Graduate School that may allow them to qualify for a degree in the program to which they were admitted. All former graduate students also hold a status that indicates either degree completion or a reason for the end of degree candidacy.

Degree-seeking Graduate Students

Individuals who may qualify for a degree in the Graduate School program to which they were admitted hold a status that indicates their degree eligibility. The two broad status types for degree-seeking students are enrolled and unenrolled with continuing degree candidacy.

Enrolled students are active full time in their program within the defined program length or, for eligible Ph.D. students, within an additional two-year period of enrollment to complete their dissertation. (Qualified students in certain final, professional master’s degree programs that allow for part-time enrollment must be currently active part time in their defined program length.) Enrolled statuses include regular enrollment, in absentia enrollment, and dissertation completion enrollment (DCE).

Unenrolled students who may still qualify for the degree may be unenrolled because of an approved leave of absence or because the allowed enrollment period has ended but they continue to work towards the degree in an unenrolled status called ET/DCC (enrollment terminated, degree candidacy continues). Students who, for disciplinary reasons, have been temporarily removed from a degree program, but who may return to it, are in the unenrolled status of suspension.

All degree-seeking students, enrolled and unenrolled, are subject to degree requirements, policies, and procedures put forth by their department or program and by the Graduate School through its website, publications, and Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.

Former Graduate Students

Former graduate students who are no longer seeking an advanced degree in a program to which they were admitted also hold a status with the Graduate School.

The first and most common status for former graduate students is graduated, for alumni who have completed all degree requirements and have been awarded the degree.

The second, less common category of statuses for former graduate students is permanently discontinued, indicating that the degree was not awarded or was revoked and that eligibility to qualify for the degree was cancelled. Statuses within this category are voluntary withdrawal, termination, expulsion, and revocation of degree.

Former graduate students are by definition unenrolled and are not eligible to resume an enrolled status within the same degree program.