Italian Studies

Academic Year 2023 – 2024

General Information

1-S-19 Green Hall

Program Offerings:

  • Certificate

Department for program:

Director of Graduate Studies:

Carolina Mangone (Director, Program in Italian Studies)

Graduate Program Administrator:


The Graduate Certificate in Italian Studies provides an opportunity for students to complement their doctoral studies with coordinated, multidisciplinary training in the Program in Italian Studies, and to take part in an intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary community.  Students entering the program may come from any department in the humanities and social sciences in which interdisciplinary training in Italian history, culture, and language is desirable, including the Departments of Art and Archaeology, Architecture, Comparative Literature, Classics, History, History of Science, Music, Religion, and Politics, as well as Programs such as Judaic Studies, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Women and Gender.  Students are not admitted to the University via the certificate program, and the certificate does not appear on the transcript.

Entrance into the Program
Ideally, students should confer with the program director during their first year of study to allow adequate time to plan an appropriate course of study.  Second-year students and post-generals students may be admitted, depending upon their background, experience, and area of concentration.  All students interested in the program should contact the director of the Program in Italian Studies for further information. Students may not be admitted to the University via a certificate program.   

Entrance Requirements and Language Requirements
Students are expected to demonstrate competence in Italian speaking, writing, and reading for admission, at which point a recommendation will be made for further Italian study as necessary.  

Fellowship funds may be available to support additional language studies in Italy during the summer.  Students may also be advised to participate in advanced undergraduate courses in Italian to supplement their language training.

Program Offerings

Program Offering: Certificate

This certificate does not appear on transcripts.


The course of study is determined by students’ home department advisers in consultation with the director of the Program in Italian Studies.

Students are expected to participate in two to three graduate seminars as deemed appropriate for Italian studies.

Additional pre-generals requirements

Italian Studies Workshops
Graduate students are expected to participate regularly in graduate conferences and workshops offered by the Program in Italian Studies.

General exam

The general exam will be taken in the home department, in consultation with the director of the Program in Italian studies.  Full doctoral candidacy in the program will be conferred only when the student has passed generals and demonstrated further competence in one or more areas relevant to Italian studies, either through a section of their general exam, a seminar paper, or presentation in the Italian Studies Symposium or professional conference.

Dissertation and FPO

Normally, the dissertation should center on a topic of significance in Italian language and culture.  The dissertation proposal must be approved by the home department and the Italian Studies Committee, according to the timetable and requirements of the home department.  A faculty member from the student’s home department will normally advise the dissertation, with at least one reader from the Italian Studies Committee.

An Italian Studies certificate may also be awarded to students whose dissertation research, though outside Italian studies, shows exceptional knowledge and expertise in Italian studies, as demonstrated in seminars, conference papers, or publications.


  • Director

    • Carolina Mangone
  • Director of Graduate Studies

    • Carolina Mangone
  • Executive Committee

    • Yaacob Dweck, History
    • Andrew M. Feldherr, Classics
    • Pietro Frassica, French & Italian
    • Wendy Heller, Music
    • Carolina Mangone, Art and Archaeology
    • Simone Marchesi, French & Italian
    • Gaetana Marrone-Puglia, French & Italian
    • Esther H. Schor, English, <i>ex officio</i>
  • Sits with Committee

    • Laura M. Giles

For a full list of faculty members and fellows please visit the department or program website.