Interdisciplinary Humanities (IHUM)

Academic Year 2022 – 2023

General Information

Council of the Humanities, 207 Scheide Caldwell House

Program Offerings:

  • Joint Degree

Director of Graduate Studies:

Graduate Program Administrator:


IHUM confers a joint doctoral degree, with applications accepted in the third year of study from students enrolled in the Ph.D. programs in the following departments and schools: Anthropology, Architecture, Art and Archaeology, Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian Studies, English, French and Italian, German, History, Music, Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Political Philosophy in Politics, Religion, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Sociology, and Spanish and Portuguese.  Applicants from Anthropology and Sociology may also apply in their second year of study.  Students who join the program become core members of a community of interdisciplinary research and exchange that convenes for seminars, workshops, and other events. They receive an additional year of fellowship support for research and exploration in areas beyond the boundaries of their fundamental disciplinary training and graduate with a joint degree from both their home department and the Council of the Humanities.

Students applying to IHUM must take the required course HUM583 before applying or once accepted into the program.

The deadline for the next round of applications to IHUM is March 1, 2023. Applications should include a description of plans for dissertation research and a brief letter of support from a departmental adviser.  For more details, see the program website.

Students cannot be admitted to Princeton University through the IHUM Program.

Program Offerings


Applicants to the program are recommended to take an IHUM program seminar in their first two years of coursework, and should, in their applications, be able to show a record of interdisciplinary exploration.  Prior to applying to IHUM, they should take the methods course HUM 583 “Interdisciplinarity and Antidisciplinarity,” offered each fall.  This course is required for the joint degree.  Students accepted into the program are expected to join in IHUM workshops, including a regular graduate works-in-progress meeting for program members and faculty, a lunchtime series of talks, and other events - as both participants and organizers.

Dissertation and FPO

Candidates for the joint degree will need to work with their interdisciplinary adviser, selected once enrolled in the program, and must submit their dissertation to this advisor at the same time they submit to the department granting the first degree. The advisor provides the department with a reader report confirming the dissertation meets the IHUM requirements. The adviser should be a member of the IHUM Executive or Program Committee but not from the same department as the candidate.


  • Director

    • Elizabeth A. Davis (acting)
    • Christy N. Wampole
  • Executive Committee

    • Marshall B. Brown, Architecture
    • D. Graham Burnett, History
    • Elizabeth A. Davis, Anthropology
    • Jeff Dolven, English
    • Karen R. Emmerich, Comparative Literature
    • Devin A. Fore, German
    • Javier E. Guerrero, Spanish & Portuguese
    • Brooke A. Holmes, Classics
    • Erin Y. Huang, East Asian Studies
    • Tera W. Hunter, History, <i>ex officio</i>
    • Paize Keulemans, East Asian Studies
    • Esther H. Schor, English, <i>ex officio</i>
    • Christy N. Wampole, French & Italian
    • Frederick F Wherry, Sociology
  • Associated Faculty

    • Eduardo L. Cadava, English
    • Zahid R. Chaudhary, English
    • Anne Cheng, English
    • Andrew Cole, English
    • Rachael Z. DeLue, Art and Archaeology
    • Brigid Doherty, German
    • Anthony T. Grafton, History
    • Thomas W. Hare, Comparative Literature
    • Wendy Heller, Music
    • Aleksandar Hemon, Lewis Center for the Arts
    • Thomas Y. Levin, German
    • Federico Marcon, East Asian Studies
    • Spyros Papapetros, Architecture
    • Gyan Prakash, History
    • Eileen A. Reeves, Comparative Literature
    • Gayle Salamon, English
    • Joe Scanlan, Lewis Center for the Arts
    • Susan A. Stewart, English
    • Janet A. Vertesi, Sociology

For a full list of faculty members and fellows please visit the department or program website.