Final Master's Degree Requirements

Preparing for Graduation

Final master's degree students who have completed their programs and are eligible to graduate will need to complete two important processes. The first is the Advanced Degree Application Process, and the second is the Checkout Process which includes the submission of the checkout form and final paperwork form. Students should follow these instructions in order to be awarded their final master's degree (M.Arch, M.Fin, M.P.A., M.P.P., M.Eng and M.S.E.). 

Advanced Degree Application Process

Final master's degree students should be in touch with their department regarding internal departmental deadlines. However, generally, two months before the degree deadline, final master's students should begin the advanced degree application through TigerHub. Make sure to thoroughly review all information input into the application to ensure its accuracy pertaining to your specific dates and program. 

Please wait for an email from the Graduate School stating that your application has been received and that you can proceed with the Checkout Process. 

Checkout Process

Both the Checkout and Final Paperwork forms are accessed through TigerHub and should be completed by the student two weeks before the degree deadline. Before submitting these forms to the Graduate School, graduate students must take the following steps:   

Checkout Form

  • Obtain a screenshot of student account balance: Students can see their student account balance on TigerHub and must include this screenshot as an attachment on the checkout form. Please keep in mind that although your student account can have a balance for the purposes of this form, students must make sure to resolve any debts by graduation.
  • Please note: Once a student's checkout form is submitted, they will lose library privileges. This means students should be mindful to complete this form when they will no longer need access to library resources.

Final Paperwork Form

  • Complete the Exit Survey: The electronic copy of the "Confirmation of Completion" page must be attached to your final paperwork.
  • *M.S.E. students ONLY: Submit thesis PDF to Princeton’s ProQuest ETD site - Pay any applicable publishing and copyright fees (the Graduate School requires traditional or open access publication and does not allow publication restrictions).

After checkout and final paperwork forms are submitted, reviewed and approved by the Graduate School, the student will receive an email confirmation indicating the degree date in which their name will be listed. 

Additional Resources

Students planning to attend the Hooding and Recognition Ceremony as well as any other Commencement related activity should be sure to register prior to all posted deadlines. More information regarding those events can be found on our Hooding and Recognition Ceremony website.