Benefits and Status after the FPO

Once a student has successfully completed the FPO and submitted all final forms to the Graduate School, that student has completed all requirements for the degree and will be awarded the degree on the corresponding degree conferral date.  The benefits that a student may receive between FPO and degree conferral depend on the enrollment status that the student held at the time of FPO. 

For students who are enrolled, either in regular program length or in DCE status, at the time of FPO:

Enrollment ends the first of the month following the FPO.  For example, enrollment would end on April 1 for a student who completed the FPO on March 15.  Any student stipend support ceases at the time enrollment ends.  

Students who serve as AIs during the term in which they complete the FPO should work with their departments to schedule the FPO at a time that ensures that they remain enrolled through the end of the term.  Only enrolled students are eligible to serve as AIs. 

Coverage under the Student Health Plan for off-campus medical treatment is automatically extended for 90 days from the first of the month after a student completes the FPO for any student who has been continuously enrolled or whose enrollment has been interrupted only by an approved leave of absence.  For example, coverage would automatically continue from April 1 for 90 days for a student who completed the FPO on March 15, even though enrollment would end on April 1.

Network privileges continue for 65 days following the date of degree conferral.  Email forwarding, if set up, continues for one additional year.

For students who are no longer enrolled at the time of FPO:

Students who are not enrolled at the time of the FPO do not return to an enrolled status.  Since degree candidacy continues, the degree is awarded at the next degree date and the student status reflects program completion.

Students who still have access to the Princeton network will retain their email and network privileges for 65 days following the degree conferral unless they reach the one year ET/DCC limit before the degree is conferred.

DCU extensions awarded to students while they are in ET/DCC status will continue until the approved time frame has elapsed.