Degree Requirements

The Graduate School at Princeton University awards more than 300 advanced degrees annually through 42 different departments and programs that admit students, as well as through established joint degree programs and interdepartmental offerings that students may pursue once enrolled. The majority of the degree recipients are Ph.D. candidates. While the Graduate School’s central requirements are few, they provide a common base on which all advanced degree programs are developed.

There are two major categories of advanced degree requirements:

Standard requirements for all advanced degree candidates - These are requirements that all graduate students at Princeton must complete, regardless of program or degree.

Ph.D. requirements - These are milestones required by the Graduate School for all Ph.D. candidates.

With minimal central requirements, graduate students work within their own departments and programs to build their own program of study under the guidance of the director of graduate studies and research adviser(s).

Explore this section for detailed information regarding Graduate School degree requirements.