Course Information

While the Graduate School has no centralized course requirements, the Academic Affairs unit oversees grading policies, course enrollment procedures, and grade change requests.

General Information and Requirements

Course Enrollment

Graduate students may enroll in courses at Princeton throughout the length of their regular program provided they have completed semester sign-in and are not registered in absentia.  (Students enrolled in DCE status are not eligible to enroll in courses.) Courses are selected with guidance from the DGS or adviser(s) and are selected before the start of each term. Students enroll in courses using TigerHub.

Course Enrollment Changes

Normally, graduate students may make changes to their course enrollment record through Friday of the twelfth week of the semester. Such changes include dropping a course and changing the grading basis of a course (for example, from graded to pass/fail or audit). All allowed changes may be made via TigerHub up until the deadline. Students should consult with their DGS and/or adviser(s) before making any changes.

2023-2024 Course Enrollment

August 3

Fall term course enrollment for continuing graduate students reopens

August 25

Fall term course enrollment for new graduate students begins

September 5

First day of fall term courses

November - January

Meetings with DGS or adviser(s) to select courses for spring term

December 7

Last day for fall term course enrollment changes

December 8

Spring term course enrollment for graduate students begins

January 29

First day of spring term courses

April 26

Last day for spring term course enrollment changes

Curricular Practical Training

Curricular practical training (CPT) allows enrolled graduate students within their regular program lengths to hold off-campus employment that is directly related to their field of study.  Students approved by their departments and the Graduate School to participate in CPT are enrolled in a program-specific CPT course. 

Learn more about External Opportunities. For more information on curricular practical training and a full list of CPT courses available, please see the Davis International Center.