Teaching Awards

Princeton graduate students make a profound impact in undergraduate teaching, guiding students towards new levels of scholarship. Each spring, departments and programs nominate Assistant Instructors (AIs) in recognition of this transformative work. Final selection is made by a committee chaired by the deputy dean of the Graduate School in partnership with the academic affairs deans and staff from the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

Award winners are selected for their work in the prior calendar year.

2022 Teaching Award Recipients

for teaching done Spring 2021 and Fall 2021

Tiffany Barron
G4 - Politics

Jacqueline Campbell
G5 - English
Special commendation for excellence in instruction in the Humanities

Perry Carter
G4 - Politics

Juan Castro Vincenzi
G6 - Economics

Chloe Cavanaugh
G3 - Molecular Biology

Danielle Chase
G5 - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Katherine Dennis
G6 - Classics

Bernardo Gouveia
G5 - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Soojung Han
G8 - East Asian Studies
Collaborative Teaching Initiative (CTI) in the Humanities and Social Sciences

William Hofstadter
G3 - Molecular Biology

Julie Kim
G5 - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tamara Klajn
G4 - School of Public and International Affairs

Jessica LeGare
G6 - East Asian Studies

Eric Manning
G5 - Politics

Collin McManus
G3 - Molecular Biology

Daniel Morrison
G5 - Economics

Dong Woo Noh
G5 - Economics

Lindsay Ofrias
G8 - Anthropology

Oktar Kerem
G3 - Psychology

Katelyn Randazzo
G3 - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Quin Morton Graduate Teaching Award for instructors in the Princeton Writing Program

James Roggeveen
G3 - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Rajiv Sambharya
G3 - Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Special commendation for excellence in instruction in Engineering

Joanna Schneider
G4 - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Carolina Seigler
G3 - Sociology

Shelby Sinclair
G5 - History
Special commendation for excellence in instruction in the Social Sciences

Merlijn Staps
G4 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Special commendation for excellence in instruction in the Natural Sciences

Karina Tachihara
G6 - Psychology

Grega Ulen
G5 - Comparative Literature

Alejandro Virue
G2 - Spanish and Portuguese

Past Awards