Geoffrey B. Hill

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Office Phone

Dean Hill is the administrator who directly oversees progress through academic milestones for graduate students in the twenty-four departments that comprise the divisions of the humanities and social sciences, as well as providing general academic advising. This includes milestones such as the general examination and approval of applications to hold the final public oral exam (FPO). He oversees changes in enrollment statuses such as leaves and returns from leaves of absence, and the annual reenrollment process for students in these divisions. He has additional responsibilities around graduate admissions, internal Honorific fellowship selection, independent reading course approval, dissertation embargo extension requests, and the Princeton Collaborative Teaching Initiative. He currently serves on the Labyrinth Bookstore/Princeton University Advisory Council. In addition to his work in the Graduate School, Dean Hill is an academic athletic fellow for the men’s and women’s track and field and cross county programs.

Prior to joining the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School, Dean Hill served as assistant dean of Flora Rose House at Cornell University, a ‘residential college’ of approximately four hundred students. Before Cornell, he was for three years a visiting fellow in English at Harvard, and since 2012 has taught a range of expository writing courses for the Harvard Extension School. He earned master’s degrees in Liberal Studies (Dartmouth), Religion (Yale Divinity), English (New Hampshire), and Screen Media and Cultures (Trinity, Cambridge), before earning his Ph.D. in English at Trinity College, Cambridge.