Our Mission

Princeton University offers advanced degrees spanning the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. The Graduate School focuses on and sustains excellence in doctoral education across all these disciplines and emphasizes original and independent scholarship. We also offer a limited number of highly selective master's degree programs in the fields of architecture, engineering, finance, public affairs, and public policy, in order to prepare candidates for careers in public life and professional practice.

Our programs share a number of distinctive and desirable features: 

  • A high level of engagement between distinguished faculty and outstanding students;
  • A residential campus environment that fosters a community of scholars;
  • A depth of financial support that allows concentration on academics; and
  • Degree programs with demonstrated success in educating graduates for careers in academia, government, and the non-profit and corporate sectors.

Complementing and enriching these degree-granting programs is a wide range of interdisciplinary units that promote intellectual activities and research across departmental and divisional boundaries.

Graduate School Priorities

The goals of the Graduate School today are to:

  • Attract the best and the brightest from all demographic groups and all corners of the world;
  • Support graduate students well financially, physically, and socially, to allow them to focus on their academic programs and professional development;
  • Maintain rigorous disciplinary degree programs that incorporate appropriate interdisciplinary opportunities;
  • Provide opportunities to gain understanding of other societies and cultures and their perspectives and approaches;
  • Augment academic programs with professional development that prepares graduates to become thoughtful and successful leaders in a highly competitive and interconnected world;
  • Bring students to completion of their degrees in a timely fashion;
  • Graduate individuals who will become stewards of their professions and contributors to the improvement of their societies, cultures, and world at large; and
  • Maintain connections with and engagement of alumni.

Explore Our Website to Learn More

On our website, you can find the latest news about the Graduate School, details academic opportunities and available resources, and essential policies and procedures. If you don’t find the information you need, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Graduate School staff. Our esteemed graduate alumni will find information on engaging with the APGA, Reunions, departmental events, and other relevant information on the Alumni Association website.