Student Support and Benefit Highlights

Our Commitment to Graduate Students

We believe Princeton graduate students are the next great generation of emerging scholars, researchers, and leaders who will continue the discovery and creation of knowledge to change the world. Our commitment to educating and training graduate students is intended to help every student realize their potential and to honor their dedication to their scholarship. 

We are guided by core beliefs:

  • There is a direct relationship between strong financial support and the ability of emerging scholars to break new ground in research and discovery.
  • Holistic support attracts and enables the best graduate candidates from all backgrounds.
  • Princeton graduate education should be a dynamic and robust partnership with students, based on shared values, mutual respect, collaboration, and the goal of positively impacting the world through the discovery and creation of knowledge.


Support and Benefit Highlights

Guaranteed full funding for all degree-seeking Ph.D. candidates during regular enrollment 

Some of the highest stipend rates in the nation 

$49,920 to $52,536 — 2024-25 12-month stipend rate 
Assistants in Instruction: $45,970 — 2024-25 10-month teaching year 

  • Stipend rates for AY24-25 are up 4.25% over AY23-24
  • Increases every year for the past 20+, including during COVID and the 2008 financial crisis
  • Princeton-area cost of living, including housing, is taken into account every year in stipend increases; the current stipend is higher than the student cost of living estimate
  • Hardship funds for students experiencing unexpected financial difficulty
  • Incoming students may be eligible for a partial advance of the first stipend check to help cover transition costs.

Robust student health plan at no cost to 97% of all grad students

  • Free primary care for all students through the University health center
  • 100% in-network coverage for preventive care screenings, pregnancy and childbirth
  • 90% in-network coverage for specialty care
  • Health plan coverage available to dependents at subsidized rates
  • Affordable dental and vision coverage for students and dependents

Ongoing support for mental health care

  • University Counseling and Psychological Services no-fee support 24/7
  • An Exclusive Provider Network for ongoing behavioral/mental health coverage. No referrals, claim forms, or deductibles. $20 co-pay.

Programs designed to reduce practical barriers to medical and mental health care

  • Free LYFT to off-campus medical appointments
  • Medical Expense Assistance Program for students experiencing hardship covering out-of-pocket medical expenses 
  • Students needing medical leave continue to be covered by the health plan and can request an extension in University housing. 

Annual assistance for students with children 

  • Up to $6,500 per child per year to defray health/housing/childcare costs. 
  • $19,500 annual max

A residential graduate community

  • All incoming students who apply by the Housing deadline are offered University housing 
  • 70%+ of regularly enrolled grad students live on campus
  • Regularly enrolled graduate students who desire to remain in University housing are  able to do so
  • An array of University housing, from dorm-style living in the historic Graduate College to amenity-filled apartments in the new Meadows graduate housing neighborhood

Services and opportunities to support professional, social and physical wellbeing 

  • Academic support for degree completion; awareness and application support for opportunities such as fellowships, consortiums, etc.
  • Vibrant student life: hundreds of events, activities with the Graduate School, grad student organizations and affinity groups
  • GradFUTURES, a nation-leading professional development program just for graduate students, offers mentee-mentor relationships with grad alums and 160+ programs/year to build skills, gain experience, and explore future pathways
  • Expanding experiential learning opportunities

Of special note for international students

  • A welcoming, inclusive community of graduate students from 94 different countries
  • Broad support through the Davis International Center including regarding visas
  • A complimentary service, Sprintax Returns, to assist non-resident students with preparing Non-Resident Federal Tax Returns