Peer Institution Collective Bargaining Agreements

Every university is unique and consequently not all graduate students, unions, and universities take the same approach to collective bargaining.  For example, at public universities, the risks and rewards of pursuing a bargaining subject, acceding to a demand, demanding arbitration, or engaging in a strike are much clearer because public sector labor law addresses these issues.  Many states have written into their labor laws provisions that protect academic decisions from the collective bargaining process.  By contrast, federal labor law (which would apply to Princeton) has not been tailored to address the needs of higher education. 

We encourage you to read the collective bargaining agreements reached at peer institutions when considering whether unionization is right for Princeton.  Below are links to publicly available agreements:

●        Brown

●        University of Chicago

●        Columbia

●        Georgetown

●        Harvard

●        MIT

●        NYU

●        Yale