Student Award Winners

The dean of the Graduate School and the academic affairs deans, in consultation with the Fellowship Subcommittee of the Faculty Committee on the Graduate School, each spring select recipients of the honorific fellowships from nominations made by the academic departments and programs.  The honorific fellowships are named and endowed fellowships that support advanced Ph.D. students whose research shows exceptional promise.  The Jacobus Fellowship, given to one Ph.D. student in each of the four divisions (humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and engineering) is the most prestigious of the honorific fellowships.


Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship

Joshua Bennett
G4 — English
Kellen Funk
G4 — History
Carlee Joe-Wong
G3 — Applied and Computational Math
Rajesh Ranganath
G4 — Computer Science

Myhrvold-Havranek Innovative Thinking

Aitor Lewkowycz
G3 — Physics

Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship

Rachel Cristy
G4 — Philosophy
Bibiana Gattozzi
G4 — Musicology
Reut Harari
G5 — History of Science
Yossi Harpaz
G4 — Sociology
Xin Jin
G4 — Computer Science
Yinyu Liu
G4 — Physics
Alexandra Piotrowski
G4 — Chemical and Biological Engineering
Michael Smith
G4 — French and Italian
Ariana Strandburg-Peshkin
G4 — Quantitative and Computational Biology
Ai-Lei Sun
G4 — Astrophysical Sciences
Adam Thal
G4 — Politics
Zhuo Wang
G4 — Electrical Engineering
Yanhua Yuan
G4 — Geosciences

Harold W. Dodds Fellowship

Anna Bonnell-Freidin
G4 — Classics
Ryan Brutger
G4 — Politics
Robert Hirsch
G4 — Philosophy
John Klopfer
G4 — Economics
Kevin Miller
G4 — Neuroscience
Mercedes Valmisa
G4 — East Asian Studies
Mei Chai Zheng
G4 — Electrical Engineering