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Portrait of Dean Rodney D. Priestley

When I was a graduate student, the faculty, my fellow students, and the professionals with whom I shared my journey taught me to be bold and ambitious.  Every day, our students bring vision, an innovative spirit, and a sense of accountability to their work, advancing scholarly knowledge within and between disciplines while devising new solutions to the world’s most pressing needs. 

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View of Cleveland Tower with adjacent trees.

View of Cleveland Tower. Photographed by Jane Doe.


Highly selective Master’s Degree Programs in architecture, engineering, finance, public affairs, and public policy


Doctoral Departments and Programs spanning the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering


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2024 Maeder Graduate Fellows study social norms and the water-energy nexus

Two graduate students, Jordana Composto and Jinyue (Jerry) Jiang, have been awarded the Maeder Graduate Fellowship in Energy and the Environment. Composto and Jiang received the fellowship for their work, respectively, to understand how individuals and organizations respond to climate change and to analyze the…