Frequently Asked Questions


I started filling out the application, but when I went to log back in, the information was gone. What do I do?

This may happen if you have created two application accounts with two different email addresses and have logged into the wrong one. Please make sure you have used the correct email address and password for this account.

Is a writing sample required?

If a writing sample is required, it will be listed in the department’s requirements on the fields of study page.  Also, the online application will prompt you to upload a writing sample only if it is required by the department you have selected.

What are the formatting requirements for my statement of purpose or writing sample?

The Graduate School does not have specific formatting requirements. 

Did you get my application?

When you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email.

How can I check the status of my application?

It is your responsibility to research the requirements of the department to which you are applying (see Fields of Study) and to confirm they have been received by tracking your submitted application checklist.  You can verify the receipt of letters of recommendation and test scores. Any item that has been received will have a date next to it.  Tests that have been received will show the test date. 

How will I be notified when my application is complete?

It is your responsibility to research the requirements for the department to which you are applying and confirm they have been received by tracking your checklist.  

How do I access my checklist?

If you have already submitted your application, you may view your checklist. To access your checklist, Log into Manage Your Account and on the Activity Page, click on View My Checklist.

When will a decision be made?

All decisions will be emailed by March 15.

May I request that my application materials be returned to me?

The application and all materials submitted to the Graduate School become the property of Princeton University and will not be returned under any circumstances.

What is the phone number for Graduate Admission?


May I defer my admission?

An offer of admission is made only for the next academic year and generally cannot be deferred. The Graduate School, however, permits academic departments to recommend admission deferrals on a case-by-case basis. If granted, the deferral is normally for one year only; the student is expected to have accepted Princeton’s offer of admission and support. Accordingly, a student who requests and is approved to defer admission is considered under an obligation to enroll and attend the graduate program the following year.

I would like to withdraw my application; will you refund my application fee?

No.  Application fees are nonrefundable.

My major is not listed in the application, what should I do?

Please choose the closest major in the drop down menu. You can provide more specific information about your major in your resume/CV or your personal statement.

I received a double major. How do I indicate that on my application?

There is an option to choose two majors in the electronic application. If you have more than two majors, clearly indicate your multiple majors in the education section of your résumé.

I only have one name, but the application asks for a first and last name, what should I do?

Enter your name in the last name field and in the first name field.  Our system only allows letter characters.

Who should I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties with the online application?

Send an email to