Princeton University Graduate Consulting Club Elections

Oct 23 2015 - 6:30pm

The PUGCC Elections will take place on October 26 at 6:30 p.m. in EQuad, Room J223. Members will be electing the 2015-2016 PUGCC Board.

The order of election will be: President (1 seat), Secretary & Treasurer (1 seat), Vice President of Internal Affairs (1 seat), Vice President for the Volunteer Consulting Initiative (1 seat), and the  PUGCC Case Competition Chair (1 seat).

Please, take a look at each position description and submit your candidate statement by October 23. Only graduate students are eligible.
- A candidate statement should be max 300 words and should include: name, department, year of study.
- The candidate can include any info about himself/herself or previous experience that he/she sees as relevant in order to be a Board member.
- Each candidate can run for more than one position (no limit to the number of positions).
- The candidate can either include his/her preferences in the statement or just express an interest in joining the Board without indicating any preference for a specific position until the election day.
- On the day of the election, each candidate will be able to speak for 3 minutes before each round of voting.
- Each Club member is entitled to one vote. In order to cast a vote the Club member needs to be present at the time of the election.

The President shall
1. Preside over meetings of the PUGCC Board. In the event that the President is absent or unable to preside for any reason, the other officers shall preside as Acting President in the order in which the officers are listed above.
2. Schedule and set the agenda for meetings of the PUGCC Board.
3. Report to the Board all actions taken since the previous Board meeting.
4. Cast tie-breaking votes in the Board. In the absence of the President, the Acting President shall cast such votes.
5. Act as spokesperson of the PUGCC whenever the Club interacts with third parties.
6. Invite recruiters on campus and put them in contact with the members of the Club.
7. Ensure the future stability of the PUGCC by helping the transition to the next president.
8. Meeting with the Board members at the beginning of the year in order to set an annual plan for each officer.
9. Make sure that any major decision a Board member is called to take while serving in his/her once is approved by the Board.
10. Have access to the financial account and any email account related to the Club.

The Secretary & Treasurer shall
1. Record minutes of the meetings of the Board.
2. Update the PUGCC website.
3. Manage the mailing list of the Club by adding and removing members at their request.
4. Have access to the official email of the Club and communicate through it with all the members.
5. Substitute for the President whenever he or she is not available to directly attend a meeting or event.
6. Manage PUGCC financial records.
7. File all financial reports required of the PUGCC.
8. Summarize the previous months disbursements and receipts (if any) at each regular Board meeting meeting.
9. Ensure that all financial transactions are in accordance with the Constitution.
10. Have access to the financial account of the Club and make sure the balance is always greater than or equal than zero.

The Vice President of Internal Affairs shall
1. Plan and promote activities aiming to increase the familiarity of the Club members with the tools and problems a consultant faces everyday.
2. Regularly schedule Case Study Practice sessions open to the Club members in March, April and May of each academic year. In that occasion he or she shall act as a guide, selecting relevant cases to be studied and analyzed.
3. Take charge of the organization of at least two workshops per year involving professionals and Club members in an active way.
4. Keep track of all the relevant deadlines to apply to consulting positions and communicate them to the members through the PUGCC email account.
5. Inform the Secretary of the aformentioned deadlines such that they can be added to the club website.
6. Administer and keep updated the LinkedIn page of the group.
7. Communicate with and invite to campus the PUGCC Alumni.
8. Plan and actively organize activities involving alumni and current Club members such as Coffee Chats, Workshops, and Email exchange.

The Vice President for the Volunteer Consulting Initiative shall
1. Present an annual plan for the VCI in the beginning of the academic year. The initiative shall be run in the Summer. Based on the graduate student response and level of engagement, one more session per year can be run (Fall or Spring).
2. Find and communicate with non-profit organizations and for-profit companies interested in taking part in the initiative.
3. Have access to the dedicated email account and keep it in order.
4. Go through the applications from graduate students interested in taking part to PUVCI and select the most valid candidates based on the number of spots opening each semester.
5. Actively recruit professionals for the Advisory Committee before the starting of PUVCI. Each Advisor is expected to work with the Club for one year. Any extension beyond this term exclusively depends on the Advisor.
6. Assign an Advisory Committee member to each student group.
7. Collect feedback from students, advisors and clients at the end of each session.

The PUGCC Case Competition Chair shall
1. Annually plan the Princeton University Case Competition to be held on campus in July.
2. Form an Organizing Committee of Club members interested in working on the Competition.
3. Coordinate the work of the Committee and report to the Board on its progress.
4. Find and communicate with consulting arms interested in sponsoring the Competition.
5. Plan with the Committee an effective advertising strategy both on campus as well as with other universities.
6. Work with the Committee on the topic, structure, and content of the case for the day of the Competition.
7. Take care with the Committee of food, drinks and welcome packages to be provided to the students taking part in the Competition.
8. Organize networking breaks and a final reception for all the participants.