Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers Workshop

May 23 2016 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm

Guiding undergraduate students as they begin independent work is a rewarding endeavor, but one that poses special challenges. Undergraduate researchers are learning new techniques, while being asked, often for the first time, to think creatively and produce meaningful results. While facing these challenges, these students are often expected to commit long hours to work that can be tedious. How do we guide, motivate, and inspire these new scientists to do their best work?

Post-docs, graduate students, lab reps, technicians and others who will be mentoring students this summer are invited to a lunch discussion of best practices in guiding student researchers. Participants will hear advice from experienced mentors and have an opportunity to discuss various mentoring scenarios that might arise.

This session counts toward the McGraw Center’s Teaching Transcript Program.

Lunch will be provided