Financial Planning and Literacy Seminar

Mar 5 2015 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm

Learn how to make the most of your graduate student years by taking charge of your finances. Hosted by Howard-Martin Capital Group, an investment management and financial planning firm in New Jersey.  Selected topics will include: The value in having a budget, particularly one that makes sense; The value in starting at an age that will give you the most time to prepare for retirement; The value in understanding the proper amounts and types of investments to be involved with during various stages of your "time horizon"; The merits of saving a set portion of your income each pay period.  This program is not meant to serve as an endorsement for this firm and is only meant to share information.  More, by attending this program you are not in any way expected to conduct business with the firm following the program.  Sign up with Olivia at

Sponsored by the Graduate School and Office of Career Services.