Etiquette Dinner

Dec 8 2014 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Today, nearly half of all business transactions are conducted at the dining table; and there is no better, or possibly worse place, to make an impression than at the table. Negotiating the minefield of place settings, table manners, and difficult foods while trying to hold a conversation, however, can be stressful and challenging.  In this seminar you will learn all you need to know to finesse the art of the meal. You will learn how to “read” table settings, how to properly hold your silverware, how to eat each course,  how to look polished and professional entertaining in a restaurant, how to graciously toast your host, the top dining dos and don’ts, and many more of the finer points of dining skills and table manners.  Watch your email for more details and how to sign up.