External Fellowships

For Study at Princeton

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships, which are fellowships for which a non-University sponsor selects the student from a national or international competition. Sponsors include government agencies, corporations, and foundations. In addition to conferring valuable distinction and prestige on the recipient, many of these external fellowships provide generous stipends which often exceed the stipends from fellowships provided by the University.

External awards come in all forms and amounts, for single or multiple years of enrollment, and typically include tuition and/or components, with restrictions varying from fellowship to fellowship.  Funds provided by external fellowships are either directly paid to the student or paid to the University to be administered.

Per Graduate School policy, Ph.D. students awarded an external fellowship must accept and utilize the award in the first year the external fellowship is available. In addition, the stipend amount provided by an external fellowship determines the Ph.D. student’s eligibility for either banking a year of fellowship funding for use in the first year of DCE (for Humanities and Social Sciences) or receiving a prize for an external award (for Natural Sciences and Engineering).

If a student does acquire an external fellowship, any awards from the University are adjusted accordingly. If an external fellowship provided to a regularly enrolled Ph.D. student does not provide for a full stipend or tuition, the balance of the student’s support will come from other sources of Graduate School or departmental funding to ensure that the student’s total financial support meets minimum levels.

You should complete an External Fellowship form which includes uploading a copy of the award letter for any external fellowships received.  For any external fellowship questions, please contact GSFinance@Princeton.edu

For Research Abroad

The principal external fellowships for research abroad that have an application process through Academic Affairs are:

These programs offer significant academic and financial benefits, and Princeton graduate students have traditionally fared well in the competitions. If it is critical for you to travel to complete your scholarly work, then you should apply to as many programs as are relevant. Princeton graduate students also often apply for the following grants (not administered by the Graduate School):

To be eligible for most of these fellowships you must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.

For other external funding opportunities, please contact Dean Willey.